23 iunie 2008

Cel mai cel brand canadian

Interbrand a lansat BestCanadianBrands(pdf). Cum si era de asteptat, BlackBerry e clar, locomotiva.

Ten years old, and now in the palm of over 14 million
hands around the globe, BlackBerry is undeniably a
great Canadian brand. The BlackBerry has helped
create and conquer a new business-to-business
category and has been steadily growing its consumer
appeal, both in Canada and increasingly beyond.
This smartphone has set a new standard for the
efficiency of mobile communications and is helping
drive the pace of our modern world. Investing heavily
in its local community, BlackBerry is a hometown
hero. And it’s now a global champion that has broken
ground establishing a new precedent in Canada for
the development of a global brand – one with over
350 carriers and distribution channels in more than
135 countries. We congratulate BlackBerry for debuting
at the top of our ranking.

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