01 septembrie 2007

Corporate Anthems: WTF

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KPMG - We're as strong as can be
KPMG - We're as strong as can be,
A team of power and energy,
We go for the gold, together we hold
Onto our vision of global strategy!
Repeat Chorus
We create, we innovate,
We pass the ones that are late
A global dream... this is our dream of success that we create.
We'll be number one, with effort and fun
Together each of us can run
For gold - that shines like the sun in our eyes.
Chorus x 2
The time is now to lead the way,
We share the same the idea
That may win by the end of the day.
Our strength is here to stay.
Identity, one energy,
One strategy, with sympathy.
These are the words that will lead us into a new world.
Chorus x 3
Kay-Pee-Emm-Geee - we got the power...

There's a thrill in store for all
for we're about to toast
the corporation that we represent.
we're here to cheer each pioneer
and also proudly boast,
of that man of men
our friend and guiding hand
the name of T.J. Watson means
a courage none can stem
and we feel honored to be
here to toast the IBM.
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